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Revisiting the Artists Den's Roots

Adventurer A

As you walk away from the aroma of fresh fish just off of Fisherman’s Wharf and head to the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown, you can start to feel remnants of musicians and artists past as you approach Columbus Avenue.  Just near the historic City of Lights Bookstore and Jack Kerouac Alley where you’ll find engraved poems by John Steinbeck, sits Bimbo’s 365 Club, which looks like someone stopped time after the jazz club opened its doors on Columbus Avenue more than 60 years ago. 

From the coat check in the foyer to the sharply dressed bartenders ready to serve you, Bimbo’s is a refreshing getaway from the traditional music scene as it emanates that 1950s glamour with a stage that has seen an array of acts from dancers to crooners over the years.   In Stephen Keller’s video, Live From The Artists Den Executive Producer Mark Lieberman says that there are very few places that have a long history where they’ve kept the integrity of their architecture alive.  In their effort to celebrate the rich history of a place, Bimbo’s was an ideal choice for this Artists Den performance featuring The Wallflowers. 

San Francisco is the birthplace of the Artists Den where the series started in Mark’s living room in Cow Hollow years before the TV series to bring interesting bands from the area into a private home.  As the Artists Den revisited their roots in San Francisco, Southwest was able to help with this special performance by flying in sound, lighting, camera, and stage folks from around the country to capture and create the night. 

As The Wallflowers took the stage with more than 600 fans filling the room, the reminiscing for me and many others began as the acoustics from one of their staple songs—Three Marlenas—traveled throughout the room.  I heard this song for the first time half my life ago, and have followed the Wallflowers ever since—and I’m very much anticipating their new album to come out since Rebel, Sweetheart released seven years ago. I realized that this moment of connecting people with their love and passion for music (mine too) was just another reason why I’m proud to work for the LUV airline that helps build meaningful relationships just like this one.