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Rockin' With Gary Kelly

Aviator C

Keeping in line with the Rock and Roll "theme" for Media Day, Gary's presentation began with a video from a guitar documentary showing Gary playing "Wild Thing" at his house.  He began the more serious portion of his comments praising the Employees of Southwest Airlines for their accomplishments.  He then spoke about how Southwest assisted our 2,700Houston Employees with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. 

"Southwest Airlines is hard to categorize," he told the media representative, and he thinks our brand is getting stronger.  The past four months have been very stable from a lolad factor standpoint.

He talked a bit about the economy, and it is hard to see if the current events have had an impact on our demand.  We will have to see.  As to next year, our fleet will remain.

The biggest news is that Gary just announced that we will begin service to Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Bill Owen will have a post about this just above this one.