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SWA Stew: Episode 51 (#StopBullying)


So we love to joke around on the Stew.  We make fun of each other WITH each other. Not at each other.  Bullying sucks.  It's not cool, and it can happen to anyone.  Even though it shouldn't.  Ever. 

You may have heard of Karen Klein, whose bullying story has swept the nation.  We're not replaying the video associated with her story.  Enough people have seen it already. 

I'm so proud of everyone who has rallied to give Karen a nice, long vacation.  We pitched in because it was the right thing to do. I'll skip the details.  Google them if you want. 

We were happy to help. We're not happy it happened.  If you're being bullied, don't be afraid to speak up.  If Karen's situation is any indication, there's an army of people ready to help you, and sometimes all it takes is a hashtag. So #StopBullying. Let's all strive to make life a little easier for each other, huh? 
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I applaud Southwest Airlines stepping in and offering Karen Klein a vacation. The video made my stomach turn and saddened me to see her taking all that abuse. Thank you SWA, for the LUV!
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It is sad that it took an adult being bullied for it to become national news. What about all the kids that are bullied on a daily basis. Maybe someone should look at statistics for child suicides due to bullying
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I must be living in a cave. I hadn't seen the video and just watched it. I feel like I could throw up. I will pass this on to my three daughters. Over the years I have heard plenty of times, "you dont understand how mean teenagers are" from them. I have tried to tell them that some things dont change. Just because im older doesn't mean that cruel words dont effect me. Cruelty like this to anyone at any age is still just..cruel. Obviously this kids have problems of their own and are taking it out on someone sad. My heart goes out to her.
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Almost 2 years ago a guy @ work he bully me @ work I report it.but it took almost 2 years for them to fired him. But no because my complaint is because a customer made a complaint was really upset because I care a lot about costumers. wish my job could it fix the problem more faster. I still no happy after he left because I don't trust no body.I pray god to find another job for me . Until I have to stay strong for others.
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Way to go Southwest. There are many reasons I only fly with you, this is another to add to my list! Bravo and kudos to you all.
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This is why I love Southwest!! You guys always step up to help others so I applod you guys!!!
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Thanks Southwest. It's nice to know there's still an airline that cares about all people.