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Saluting the Greatest Generation

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On the day Americans exercise their right to vote, Southwest Airlines is celebrating the troops who fought hard to give us that Freedom. This morning, I was reminded that the Freedom to vote, along with all of our Freedoms as Americans, came with a price. Many men and women sacrificed their lives to get and keep those Freedoms.


Today, Southwest Airlines threw a party for fifty-five WWII Veterans as they departed Dallas Love Field to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. Southwest Airlines Employees and Customers gathered in the gate area to enjoy breakfast and celebrate these Veterans. We had red, white, and blue balloons and goodie bags for the special Customers. Before the Veterans boarded the plane, the entire gate area sang the national anthem and God Bless America. It was truly moving.

The Veterans were so thankful for our small tribute to them. We couldn’t do enough to thank them for their sacrifices for our country. So as you vote today, remember what a special privilege it is.

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I've never been prouder to work here than after reading this post. There are times that my fellow Employees make me cry, and this is one of them. Ashley, you and whoever else put this together deserve a few dozen KTAGs apiece! On behalf of my Dad and the vast majority of World War II Veterans who are no longer with us, I thank you. Kim The Patriotic Customer Relations Blog Boy
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I have never been prouder to be included in a group effort. Honoring these wonderful folks of the "Greatest Generation" has been a labor of love that will stay in my heart for as long as I am privileged to live. Southwest Airlines has proven they are a "family" to be admired and respected for the heart and enthusiasm they they have displayed in supporting Honor Flight, not just in Dallas but everywhere they fly. There is no possible way to thank everyone who had a hand in making this celebration a reality other than to say, "Thanks and God Bless each and eveveryone of you". Ron Langenheder Ellis County Honor Flight Volunteer
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Beautiful event and write-up! Regardless of how anyone chose to exercise their right to vote this week - we can all be extremely proud and grateful that we not only COULD exercise that right - but that we could do so in safety and without the fear of retaliation or a coup by those unhappy with the outcome. The service of men and women throughout the history of our country - both in the military and through the many other avenues available through the rights secured within our democracy - gave us a unique opportunity on the world stage this week. A HUGE heart-felt thanks to the individuals on this flight for their service on our behalf! And a big thanks as well to the SWA individuals who helped make this happen! - MamaBeeHealthy

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This was a beautiful thing that you have done! Today our vets are so often neglected, so I thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation to them for their service. My favorite flying experience was when I was seated next to a soldier returning to his family from a tour in Iraq. He talked the entire flight saying I was the first American he had the opportunity to speak with in person (military personnel aside) in fifteen months. I even had the opportunity to meet his family when we landed. Thank you to all those who have given of yourselves for our great nation!
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If you all honor WWII vews in 2009 can my father participate? I work for SW, he served for 27 yrs and was in 3 wars. We would be so thrilled. Sunny knows who I am.