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Southwest Airlines Community

Showing Heart to Communities with Community® Coffee


Since 2016, Customers onboard a Southwest flight have enjoyed the great taste of Community® Signature Blend coffee—made with four generations of family care for rich, smooth flavor in every cup. For every pound of Community® coffee served inflight, Southwest and Community donate to the ECOM Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on making better lives for producers of coffee, cotton, cocoa, and other soft commodities.


Supporting the communities we serve has always been an important part of who we are as a Company which is why we are excited to share that beginning in 2019, Southwest and Community® Coffee are increasing our philanthropic support to the ECOM Foundation to $50,000 total per year. This increased donation will be split between two different school groups, Chiapas Mexico School Program, which Southwest has supported the past few years, and Grow Your School – Primary School Union Mexico initiative. Since the partnership was formed in 2016, more than $60,000 USD has been donated to Mexican communities. This partnership has allowed us to make a positive impact on education in communities throughout Mexico and we are incredibly grateful to further our support through this important program.




Through the work of the ECOM Foundation, we are giving origin producers in rural areas access to technology-enhanced secondary education and advanced agriculture training to promote long term sustainability in these communities and ensure the livelihood of the local communities and the coffee industry in the regions we collaborate with. People have always been at the Heart of everything we do, which is why we’re committed to investing in the quality of life for the producers of the premium coffee we serve onboard our planes.