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Southwest Airlines Featured in My City’s Just Not That Into Me


Southwest is part of a new series on the FYI Network called My City’s Just Not That Into Me, where couples go on the search to find a new city they love to start the next chapter of their life.

Picture1 In the series, LA-based real estate expert, Courtney Poulos, will help home seekers work through their real estate issues. Each episode of the series will feature a different family, couple or group of friends considering a move as they discover how far their money can go in different parts of the country, and Southwest Airlines is their means of getting there. The “My City Personality Test” will decipher new locations that are best suited to each home seeker’s personality and needs. In each episode, a new family or individual will explore two new cities and their real estate options, before deciding which city has what it takes to capture their heart. For a sneak peek, visit Tune-in tonight for the series premiere on the FYI Network, 10 p.m./9 p.m. central.  Who knows, you may find a city that’s calling your name!