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Southwest Airlines Re-States Policy on Military Check Baggage

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Fighting for Freedom, No Need to Fight the Fees!
Southwest Airlines has long made an exception for its active military Customers by waiving any fees for overweight, oversize, and excess baggage checked while on assignment. Southwest supported that tradition by making it a formal policy in January 2008.  We realize that many Soldiers have recently faced the burden of extra fees from other carriers, and want to make it extremely clear that, once again, Southwest Airlines is different. When many airlines have added fees, our unique policy continues to allow our Employees to waive fees and charges associated with overweight, oversize, and excess baggage (more than 2 checked bags) for active duty U.S. Military Personnel or U.S. Reserve/National Guard traveling on military orders.  Southwest continues to offer all Customers two checked bags free of charge.
All such bags must still fall within the maximum weight and size limitations for baggage.
Those limitations are: up to and including 100 pounds and no more than 80 inches (LxWxH).
Media please contact Southwest Airlines Public Relations 214-792-4847
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