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Southwest Airlines Shows Air New Zealand Some LUV

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You just never know what's going to pop-up on YouTube, do you? 

We were pleasantly surprised (and have been continually amused) by what jumped across the equator and into our inboxes a few weeks back -- something of a 'transparent' challenge from our friends at Air New Zealand.

All this started when our resident prankster and humorist, Chairman Emeritus Herb Kelleher, chided his friend, Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe, about the carrier's well-publicized and well-received stunt of putting body ANZ cabin crew in body paint -- and little else.  The outtakes and videos have found success in a series of advertisements and in the carrier's videotaped in-flight safety demonstration.  Fyfe even made a tongue-and-cheek appearance.  We'll leave it at that.

As Flight Attendant Supervisor Michelle Crum told WFAA-TV in Dallas as the challenge landed at Southwest, "We believe in fun, we live fun.  We do not back down easily, though.  So, we're going to ponder on it and we'll get back (with a response)."

Here it is!  We look forward to hearing what you think, Kiwis and other fans of Southwest.