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Southwest Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month at the Southwest Porch

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Southwest Airlines is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in many ways.  We designed a specialty package for our peanuts, created a special poster for our airports (designed by Dallas artist José Suaste), and will be closing this month of celebration with a special event in New York this Friday.

Southwest is partnering with Latino Art Beat to create a special event at the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan on Friday, October 9th. (See the attached invitation below.)  Latino Art Beat is a Chicago-based nonprofit arts organization that awards scholarships to high school students through its arts competition, which is held annually in May. Latino Art Beat's motto is "Celebramos la juventud, el Arte y la Cultura Hispana": We Celebrate Youth, Art and Hispanic Heritage and Culture. This year's theme is "What Hispanic Heritage and Culture Means to Me."

The Southwest Porch will display the participants’ artwork, NYU students will read Spanish poetry, and a local middle school group will be dancing some salsa and tango for our guests.  If you are in the NYC area, please feel free to join us for this event. 

Artist José Suaste's bio:

With distinct and colorful visual imagery, José Suaste expresses themes of music, love, community and understanding in just about everything he does. Pulling from his Mexican-American upbringing in inner city Dallas, Suaste, as his friends and fans know him, has been creating bold themed art since childhood. Inspired by graffiti, skateboarding, and over all music, Jose’s work is familiar yet on the edge of what’s to come from pop culture.

The unique blend of Mexican immigrant parents and being first generation American has created a striking style in his art, which ranges from graphic design to hand drawn paintings. All of his work has an overwhelming sense of being in the moment and in the scene. As a musician and front man for his band Joint Method, he has released three independent records. His music exudes culture mixing hip-hop, rock and reggae, which also resonate in his art.

In 2008 José opened Fury Fellowship, a small design shop in Dallas focusing on entertainment/film design. The shop’s core philosophy is all about collaboration. Whatever is needed to complete a job/piece, José chooses from a roster of skilled artists to contribute. That is if he can’t do it all himself. Fury Fellowship offers anything from design, illustration, motion graphics, to advertising. Visit for more information.

José graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design and a minor in Creative Writing. He currently lives in his native Dallas, with his wife Helen and daughter Sabrina.

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