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Southwest Comments on Flight 879

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You may have seen headlines regarding the actions of some of our Customers and Crew Members on a recent Southwest flight.  On Monday, August 16, a family dispute occurred on Flight 879 from Dallas to Albuquerque. Our Flight Attendant came to the aid of a couple onboard the flight who were involved in a verbal dispute. That couple had a small child who was upset, so our Flight Attendant offered to hold the child. Out of an abundance of caution, our Crew asked the authorities to meet the flight and talk with the family. The couple was cleared to take a later flight to their final destination. The safety and wellbeing of our Customers and Employees is our highest priority. Our Flight Attendants do their very best to maintain a comfortable environment onboard every Southwest Airlines flight.

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Another tricky situation, handled well by Southwest staff.
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SWA flight attendants are always helpful with families - whether I'm flying for business or pleasure. I'm proud to fly a family-oriented airline.
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A cryptic description of what happened, but good for you for at least trying to explain it.
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I am teaching at business schools the case of this airline and they are still amazing, sorting out difficult situations and puting customers upfront. Congratulations!
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I just saw this story on the Today Show. The story is quite different than what you portray above. Today said that the mother of the 13 month old slapped the child in the face and the flight attendant saw it and took the kid away to protect it and went to the back of the plane to comfort the child, and then notified police after she saw the child had a black eye too. She should be given a medal for saving that helpless child from her mother. The police that gave the child back to the parents should be shot!! How could anyone hit a 13 month old child? That women should be tracked down and beaten, so she can see what it is like to be abused by someone larger than her. No wonder the kid kicked her, the kid is trying to protect itself. You should make sure that stewardess is awarded for her courage in stepping in that situation. Anyone who sees a parent hitting a child should step in and do something about it. If you don't you are just as bad as the parent doing it.
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I have been a Police Officer for over 21 years and have seen the worst of domestic disputes and child cruelty. The actions your stewardess took on Flight 879 were very brave and should be applauded many times over. I wish others in our wonderful country, had the back-bone your stewardess displayed. Bravo young lady....BRAVO !
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Ms.Day, I suggest you get in touch with a major radio host, Michael Graham, at 96.9 FM (WTKK), in Massachusetts, who is waging a war via radio and his blog against yoyr company, misrepresenting the facts of what happened at this flight. Maybe he woudl want to interview you?
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We the people should keep our domestic disputes at home.
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I will stay posted here for the latest updates. As has been the case with media and Southwest Airlines of late what is reported in the mainstream media is biased and sensationalized. Renee Underwood, Lubbock
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I've been a frequent flier on SWA for 15 years. I have never seen your folks conduct themselves in any manner other than professionally. SWA has skilled people dealing with the public. Yesterday I played in a golf tournament and was paired up with a SWA Captain. Even during the event, he asked me, "As a long time SWA flier, what do you think we could do differently?" Other than flying to Ireland, I had no response.
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We have made a few trips from California to Philadelphia and back on various airlines. This last trip was Southwest both ways and was the best. Crew were courteous, professional and personable; a challenging combination given the spectrum of passengers they have to deal with. Things were businesslike, on time and as expected. No ugly surprises! Southwest will be our first pick next trip. Thanks for putting good bookends on our trip.