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Southwest Employee Awarded $5,000

Explorer A

Southwest has a long-standing tradition of awarding Employees who go “above and beyond”, and Kick Tail is one such program.  Introduced in 2008, Kick Tails are a way for Employees to recognize their peers for “kicking tail” on the job.  A-List Preferred Customers have recently been offered the opportunity to distribute Kick Tails as well.  Each Kick Tail received by an Employee constitutes one entry into the overall database for monthly and yearly prize drawings.  The number of yearly prizes is determined by whether or not Southwest reaches yearly goals that support our Company’s Vision of becoming the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline.  For 2014, Southwest awarded ten yearly Kick Tail awards.   This video captures the moment at which the first of those ten winners—BWI Flight Attendant Robert Baker—realizes he is the lucky recipient of a $5,000 award.
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