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Southwest Employees Off the Clock: A Hobby with Teeth

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By Linda Macey - Manager Airport Affairs


I love the ocean. I love it even more when the sea around me is thick with sharks. When I’m underwater without a cage, it’s sometimes impossible to keep track of the sharks around me, let alone all of those who lurk in the murky water in the distance. For some this is a nightmare, but for me it’s the dream of a lifetime!


Sharks usually conjure visuals from the horror movie Jaws—razor sharp teeth, beady black eyes—and are viewed as ruthless predators who like to harm. In reality, sharks are majestic creatures deserving of our respect and not our irrational fear, which is why I think it’s so cool that Southwest partners with Discovery Channel to celebrate these beautiful and mysterious animals during Shark Week!


I have traveled the globe to encounter various shark species, including the world’s largest, the whale shark! To date, I have been to more than 10 countries and have had the pleasure of diving with 25-plus species of sharks—including the tiger shark shown here. Thanks to our Southwest travel privileges, I have the freedom to continue to travel in search of another 25 more!


Photo © intheblue. Photography by Terry Steeley