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Southwest Heart in Action: Supporting Maui Relief Efforts


Southwest is the second-largest air carrier in Hawaii, and we offer more than 90 flights a day that touch the Hawaiian Islands. Of those, 60 operate on interisland routes. Since the onset of the crisis, Southwest has continually added service each day on routes across the Pacific and within the state to help move people, pets, and critical supplies. 

  • Southwest initially introduced a $19 interisland fare, and we lowered our pet fare to $1 to facilitate evacuation.  
  • We are known for our flexible policies and are offering additional flexibility for travel to the area most affected by the Maui wildfires, allowing Customers with reservations involving travel to, from, or through Kahului (Maui) to alter travel plans and rebook with no fare differences. 

Supporting the Community  

With hundreds of Employees in the Hawaiian Islands and standing relationships with dozens of community organizations across the Aloha State, Southwest is directing our support, and that of our Customers and Employees, to the local and national agencies coordinating in the overall, concerted, and organized effort to deliver both urgent and long-term support. In the early days of the emergency response, Southwest donated more than $100,000 in cash and air travel and transported more than $8,000 worth of goods using Southwest Cargo. Our work will continue to support long-term in the recovery. 

Southwest is working with Hawaii law enforcement and local firefighting agencies, helping cycle in volunteer firefighters every two days in a continual shuttle of fresh responders on the frontline of critical relief. Local partners that Southwest supports include: 


Southwest has trusted partner organizations that provide relief for communities impacted by disasters: 


First responders from FEMA take a photo prior to boarding their Southwest flight from Las Vegas to Kahului, Maui.First responders from FEMA take a photo prior to boarding their Southwest flight from Las Vegas to Kahului, Maui.Additionally, Southwest has sent shipments of Employee-donated crucial items that local organizations have asked for and can receive and distribute, and we are sending extra water and snacks onboard Southwest west coast flights arriving at OGG. 

Shelter Animal Relief Transport 

To complement this robust plan that supports our Employees, Customers, and the State of Hawaii, Southwest also has partnered with Greater Good Charities, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and the Maui Humane Society to operate an emergency airlift to relocate more than 130 cats and dogs that already were in Maui animal shelters to Portland, Ore. The aircraft used for this transportation was loaded with emergency pet supplies and hundreds of “Good Packs” filled with survival and comfort supplies, including t-shirts, blankets, flashlights, socks, and hygiene kits. This effort makes room for an influx of displaced pets, many arriving injured at Maui Humane Society. Once in Portland, these shelter cats and dogs will continue the journey to forever homes. 



Southwest Airlines lands in Portland, Ore. with 136 animals on journey towards their forever home.JPGShelter Dog Boards Southwest Flight from Maui to Portland, Ore..JPGSouthwest Partners with Greater Good Charities and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue to Transport More Than 130 Shelter Animals .JPGSouthwest Flight Attendant greets shelter dog as he is preparing to be secured in aircraft seat.JPGShelter Dog boarding Southwest flight to continue journey towards forever home .JPGSouthwest Airlines Employees and Crew members helped transport 136 shelter cats and dogs .JPG


Our Hearts are with the people of Hawaii and the communities affected by the wildfires, and we have many efforts underway across the Company to offer our assistance and support in the island’s long-term recovery.