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Technology Systems Performing Normally

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Today we are expecting the technical systems that power our Customer Service to perform normally. Teams worked throughout the night in advance of our first departures to ensure the smoothest operation of our originating and later flights.

Out of the 3,355 daily flights in our schedule on Sunday, the airline operated with 75 percent ontime performance. The technical issues did result in approximately 836 delayed flights Sunday. Employees worked around issues with primary systems and utilized back-up procedures to get our Customers and their checked luggage to their intended destinations.

We have some additional work to do to get bags delivered and some delayed or displaced Customers into open seats today. We have teams working as quickly as possible to accomplish that.

The flexibility we extended our traveling Customers on Sunday continues throughout Monday and that will allow those with travel plans scheduled for Sunday or Monday to change their plans at

It's never too early to say thank you and to extend our apologies and we want to share those sentiments both with our hard-working Employees and our loyal and understanding Customers, whom we hope to welcome back for a better experience soon. We'll continue to work individually with our affected Customers to make this right.‎