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Thank Goodness for Heart Heroes!

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Have you ever thought about how it might feel to save someone’s life?  Our Tampa Station Employees, Richard Derby, Mark Lovell, Chris Scangarello, and Nui Ahquin did just that!  They saved the life of fellow Employee, Jim Odgers. 

Jim just ended a light-hearted phone conversation with his wife, Barb.  His last words before hanging up the phone were “I’ll see you later!”  A few minutes later, Jim was on the Ramp working a flight when he suddenly collapsed.  Rich, Mark, Chris and Nui immediately started CPR and began working as a Team to ensure someone called 9-1-1 and retrieved an AED.  They continued CPR and used the AED until paramedics got to the scene. 

When Jim arrived at the hospital, the doctors weren’t confident Jim would make it through the night.  But Jim made a full recovery, and today he’s back at work with his heroic Coworkers.  Doctors credit our brave SWA Employees for saving Jim’s life with their immediate response.  TPA Fire and Rescue also commended our SWA Employees for their quick thinking and excellent lifesaving skills, which they acquired after taking the First Aid/CPR/AED classes offered by Southwest. 

Jim expresses his gratitude for Rich, Mark, Chris and Nui every day, and is thankful that he was surrounded by Coworkers who were trained and knew exactly what they needed to do when he collapsed on the ground beside the aircraft. Even now, recalling that day is a very emotional experience for Jim and especially for his Coworkers. Not only did their quick and LUVing actions save Jim’s life, it gave him a second chance for sharing life with his wife, children, grandchildren, friends, Coworkers and all those who LUV him.

Jim was truly blessed. His Coworkers' training, Servants’ Hearts, and Warrior Spirits all came together on that day to rescue a heart that was just too good to die. 
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Thank goodness for Jim's inspiring story! He and the Tampa crew are rays of that famous Florida sunshine. Best wishes!