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The Happiest Place on Earth Just Got a Little Happier

Frequent Flyer A

If you’re flying Southwest to Disney World any time soon, checking your bags (free bags, mind you) just got a little easier. Pop Century resort has offered Southwest checkin since June 2009, and on October 14th, three additional resorts will gain this service: All Star Movies, All Star Music, and All Star Sports.  

Southwest also participates in the Magical Express, so this is just one more way we can enhance our Customer’s Experience at the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

Another convenience will be the prepayment option offered to all Customers; just remember that all standard bag sizes and excess charges apply, just like they would at any of our airports.

Big thanks to Disney and our Central Baggage Services for making these dreams come true!

photo courtesy of Soulfull


Explorer C
You are not serious are you??? we booked one of these holidays , to Disneyworld leaving Oct26th to Nov 2nd, dont expect to get the "free dining sercive" Southwest vacations want extra for that, and they do not tell you until you have booked and paid for the trip, thanks Southwest Vacations for a lousy birhtday trip for my son. They also charge you $100 per person if you want to cancel.
Explorer C
Southwest--please please please hurry up and expand this service to the other Disney resorts. We like you guys, but we hate having to haul our bags through the Orlando airport. And we are staying at a different Disney resort which is still not on the list of those being added. Since we're heading down to Disney for Xmas, you'd make us very happy if you gave us this perk by December, and didn't drag out the wait even longer. Please!
New Arrival
I have been to Disney many times and have never found anything free. It is the Happiest Place not the Bargain Place, what are you talking about? If Disney is offering free meals I want in.
Explorer C
Yes, please expand this service to other resorts soon.
Explorer C
This is great news. No more carrying bags thru the airport to SW terminal. Disney has been offering free dining in September since it's the off season. Hoping they are doing it again in 2010. I did see that they were just giving free quick service dining for the value resorts and full service for the moderate resorts. I don't know if Southwest vacation packages do the free dining. You might have to call Disney or use a Disney Travel agency .