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Travel Tips: Household Items that Can't Fly

Explorer C
A number of commonly used household items are categorized as Hazardous Materials (hazmat), and although these items are okay to use at home, hazmat items aren’t permitted when you fly. These items are so common that most people don’t realize they brought a hazmat item with them on their trip until they reach their destination and discover that TSA has removed the item(s) from their checked baggage.  When prohibited items are removed, travelers want to know why.  The following provides explanations for why these hazmat items are prohibited and confiscated from passengers’ bags. HazardousMaterialsList The following resources are available for more information on prohibited materials:

Additional information is available by calling the DOT’s Hazardous Materials Information Center at 1-800-467-4922. It’s important to remember that each air carrier may have more restrictive guidelines, so it’s always a good idea to visit the carrier’s web site or contact the carrier directly with questions before you travel.