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Traveling for Two

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Having recently celebrated Mother’s Day, we bring you the story of Christy Wright, business coach, speaker, writer, and now mother to three-month-old Carter.  While Christy was pregnant with Carter, she was still maintaining her busy schedule of speaking, presenting, and promoting her books across the country.  She was traveling for two, which, as any expectant mom will tell you, can be a bit challenging. It was after a late speaking engagement in New York that Christy discovered just how challenging traveling for two could be.  Christy was scheduled to fly back to Nashville early the next morning—7:30 a.m. to be exact—but she accidentally overslept, giving her very little time to make her scheduled return flight, and  no time to eat breakfast.  BWI Flight Attendant Allyson Haselman came to the rescue for this mommy-to-be and the little one she was carrying.   Follow and learn more about Christy at: and on Twitter @ChristyBWright.