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USS Blog Boy's Deployment Diary--Chapter Eight

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After stopping in Hong Kong, the Nimitz and Southwest Airlines Customer Francisco Delgado make a port call in Singapore before the carrier reached Hawaii.  LAND....AGAIN!!!! We pulled into Singaporesingapore-city-view.JPG just days after we pulled out of Hong Kong--talk about a huge morale booster! Singapore was an exciting place, and clean and green are the two words that can best describe Singapore. The first day it rained, but I enjoy the rain so I didn't mind.singapore-the-island.JPG A friend and I left the ship around 1600 and checked into our hotel. Once again I was craving fast food so it was off to McDonalds. My friend lectured me about eating at McDonalds, but the only person who can lecture me is my dad, and since he was thousands of miles from me, I headed to the counter and ordered. Since I work at nights, my whole schedule was messed up. During the day I sleep, so since I was up I felt a little disoriented. My body was craving sleep. That night we headed to the Hard Rock Café, and instead of taking a taxi, we decided to walk. We weren't sure how far it was from our hotel, but we were both in the mood to walk. After walking 1.5 miles from our hotel, We went in, and I ordered the whole menu. After enduring months of Navy food, I think it was time to indulge myself. After we finished eating I was ready to pass out from the lack of sleep. We walked back to our hotel, and I passed out for the next ten hours. singapore-harbourfront-centre.JPGThe next day, we headed to their mall to get our haircuts and to do some souvenir shopping. We had to work on the ship the day after that, but on the last day, a group of us headed to a place called Sentosa Island. singapore-sentoda-resort.JPG It was this huge island with a resort, an underwater aquarium, rare pink dolphins, beaches, great food, an outdoor light show, and a few amusement rides. We had a blast. The underwater aquarium was interesting. I was able to pet large sting rays, and I got up close to some pretty large sharks. We then headed to a man-made lagoon which housed rare pink dolphins, singapore-pink-dolphins.JPGand they performed a show for us. The rest of the day, we spent touring the island and it was back into town to do some last minute shopping. As we were shopping, my stomach began to growl... It was screaming McDonalds!!!! So I was off to McDonalds. As our taxi was taking us back to our hotel, I noticed a plane flying overhead. We were near the airport and I closed my eyes and imagined being on a plane headed for San Diego... When I woke up, I saw my plane, except this plane was big, it was painted gray and was moored in the harbor, and it had the number 68.  I boarded our "large plane," and it was time to get back to work. Before we can make our "final descent" into the San Diego area we have some work that we still need to accomplish....