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Valentine’s Day Surprises—Because We LUV Ya!

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Everyone loves surprises, right?  Of course!  The anticipation and excitement of the unknown is equally enjoyable and frustrating.  The moment when that all ends, though, is when a surprise is ruined.  Well, here’s your spoiler alert, because I’ve been known to ruin a surprise or two.  If you read on, I can let you in on some surprises we have to offer you if you’re flying with us this Valentine’s Day. The victims of my most recent—and probably worst spoiler—were my lovely parents.  This year, dad had beautifully orchestrated a surprise getaway for two to enjoy Valentine’s Day, but nothing ever goes as planned when children come into the picture.  One evening around a warm fire in our living room, I blurted out the plans, unaware that my mom had no idea.  In that moment, as you can imagine, I really wanted a “getaway” of my own! VDay2Ever experienced the same series of unfortunate events and just wanted to get away?  Or maybe had a hard time deciding what to get your special someone for this holiday of LUV?  Allow us here at Southwest Airlines to lend a helping hand.  Rather than a stereotypical presentation of flowers and chocolates, spice things up with airfare to an exotic destination or your very own Southwest Gift Card to grant more freedom on deciding where to fly.  A recipe for gifting success goes as follows: Don’t get them Something.  Get them Somewhere.   And now, with flights to over 85 destinations, internationals included, booking that perfect vacation spot to celebrate romance is easier than ever.  And I promise, I won’t ruin your surprise. VDayIf you have a little bundle of LUV, check out the heart-themed merchandise at our Freedom Shop, giving you and your Family a whole new way to wear your heart on your sleeve. And finally, since we ARE the LUV Airline, our gift to you, if you’re flying with us on Valentine’s Day, is a free drink onboard! Even as an Intern new to the fleet, and just barely spreading my wings, I am undoubtedly a believer in the “LUV at first flight” experience of Southwest.  Fly with us and you will be too.