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If skydiving from a plane in a chicken suit, arm-wrestling a polar bear, or simply drinking milk through your nose is the kind of talent you possess, we have a contest just for you.  We want to put your talent to the test and see what crazy things you would do for $100!

As you know, other airlines charge up to $100 roundtrip for the first and second checked bags.  At Southwest Airlines, we understand the value of a dollar, and we allow our Customers to keep that hard-earned money.  What would YOU do with the money you save flying Southwest? Create a 60-second video to showcase what outlandish things you would do for $100, and be entered to win some fabulous prizes!

Judging will be based on the following qualities:
• Creativity and Originality: 20%
• Entertaining: 25%
• Southwest Appeal: 35% video should reflect our Culture and Fun-LUVing Attitude.
• Appropriateness to Subject Matter (What Would You Do For $100): 20%

So put on your creative caps, make a video about what you would do for $100, and upload your video to the Contest section on the Bags Fly Free tab on our Facebook fan page (  Please see Official Rules for file type and length requirements.  The full contest rules are available on the Facebook page at:

Need some inspiration?  Check out a few of the contest submissions that have already been submitted to the Facebook page!

A panel of judges from both Southwest and our agencies will award FOUR lucky winners (and three guests each) one of four vacation packages:  Ski Package for four to Salt Lake City; Las Vegas Package for four; Walt Disney World Package for four; and a Golf Package for four to Phoenix.  The contest is currently open and will run through 11:00 a.m. CST on November 16, 2009.  Submit your video TODAY!


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I'm not one for making videos, but just for grins and giggles.....I'd fly in the luggage rack of a Southwest plane 😉
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I would transfer the $100 toward a Southwest flight of my choice...I love the leg space & comfortable seats on Southwest as opposed to any other Airline...Your Flight attendants & Pilots are very customer oriented & understandable when speaking to the passengers on the intercom regarding weather, arrival times or any topic relating to the comfort & ease of the passengers(me). Thank you.
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you name it i woulld do it (with a few exceptions)
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For $100 I would shave my best friend's head. Hopefully she will let me videotape it!!
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I just want to thank Southwest for maintaining the no fee baggage policy. Airlines are a service industry, that service being flying customers to destinations most of which are for a well deserved vacation. WE NEED TO BRING LUGGAGE! Just include it in the price of the ticket. But I hate trying to calculate my cost, then double the baggage fee per person. For a family of four it is making air travel out of the question. I don't understand why people won't just boycott the greedy airlines and stick with Southwest. I will try my best to fly only with Southwest on principle alone. I do wish we had a few more flight selections and we could if people would just not succumb to the greedy guys. Bravo to you and thank you for at least giving me a choice. Diane