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Winning Spirit: The Humble Hero


Not too long ago, I flew up to San Francisco to hear a tale of heroism.  On one unassuming morning, Ramp Agent Will Pierce covered a few flights with new Ramp Agents for the Training Coordinator who was running a bit late. 

Several flights in, Ramp Agent Douglas Wong suffered cardiac arrest while stacking bags in the bin. Pierce, who had taken an online CPR class only the weekend before, sprung into action, giving crucial chest compressions to Douglas.  Minutes later, Ramp Supervisor Juan Milo, a former U.S. Marine, joined the scene, taking over CPR and handing out clear life-saving commands.  Pierce then rushed upstairs to the plane to get the attention of the Flight Crew so they could bring down the defibrillator and restart Wong’s heart.

What truly struck me when meeting Pierce and Milo was their humility.  They didn’t want to be thought of as heroes; they were just concerned that their friend would be alright.

Thanks for watching the video—I hope it captures their story.
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I know why Douglas is still here. Three very simple reasons.... 1. It wasn't his time. 2. Will & Juan were on duty. 3. Arguably most important, there was a plane nearby with an AED on-board. Paul In CRP
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What a wonderful human interest story! Nice job gentleman. It is so refreshing to have a good story for a change and this surely could have been a not so good story for Douglas Wong! Mr. Wong, we don't always get to know the "why" we have been given another chance at life right away...just live your life to the fullest and appreciate every second thanks to Will Pierce and Juan Milo. God Bless all.