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It's happened again. I have endured yet another "Wanna get away?" moment. Last week, as I was on my way to Love Field on Airport Freeway ("Texas' Ugliest Freeway"), I came upon a multi-car wreck that was over on the right shoulder. Because I was in the right lane, and because you MUST rubberneck as you idle by, I looked at the cars and the people standing around--and saw a lady who, from the back, looked JUST like a friend of mine at work (an Executive Assistant named Judy). We're talking identical twins here, at least from the back. Concerned, I looked at windshields of the wrecked cars and noticed that one of them had a parking lot placard hanging from the rear-view mirror that looked just like the ones that all Southwest Airlines HDQ Employees use. Completely convinced that the lady I saw was Judy, I pulled over to the shoulder, got out, and started walking back to check on her. I approached a policeman who asked what I needed. "I work with that lady over there," I answered, pointing in Judy's direction. He waved me through. When I was about five feet from her, the lady turned around--and it was SO not Judy. She snarled at me and barked, "CAN I HELP YOU???" My full body blush took about a tenth of a second, and I stammered, "I...uh...thought you were a lady I work with!" "WELL I'M NOT!!!" she hissed. This woman was not a happy camper and, being about as embarrassed as I've been in a while, I mumbled an apology and turned to leave. I looked at the car window that had the placard I thought was a Southwest one hanging in it--and it resembeled ours, but was for a totally different company. As I passed the now-laughing cop, he just shook his head and said, "that'll teach you, won't it?" If this were a Southwest commercial, that's when the frame would freeze and the voice-over would say, "WANNA GET AWAY?" Judy, I'm very happy it wasn't you, and I feel bad for that really cranky woman that did have the wreck. Still, in hindsight--no, Officer, that won't teach me. I'm not in the least sorry that I stopped--if it had been Judy, at least I could have been there for her. That's what you do for family--if one of them needs help, you help 'em. And, like all Southwest employees, my family has over 33,000 folks in it. I will definitely, positively always try to help a family member when needed. And worst-case scenario? I'll have another funny "Wanna Get Away" moment to share!