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Southwest Airlines Community

You Like Us! You Reaaaally Like Us!

Retired Community Manager
I can still remember my first friend.  His name was Scott, he liked Legos, lived in a house at the end of a gravel driveway, and it was more of an arranged friendship.

We didn’t exactly meet each other.  We were given each other.  And really nowadays, that’s how strangers usually meet online.

Over the internet, we stumble upon people because of the things they say or do online.  That’s why, when I saw Southwest Airlines’ Facebook page had surpassed a million fans, I was humbled.

Sure, it’s a great feat.  Our company is the first in the industry to reach that milestone, and one million is a great number to boast about.  For me, it’s the symbolism - that we’ve integrated ourselves into a million lives, in ways big or small – that makes the moment most appreciable.

We can’t force you to like us (no, really, on Facebook it’s digitally impossible to do).  Our goal has never been to be the loudest guy or girl at the party (you know the one, crying for attention).  So to stare at my computer screen and try to realize one million different lives who have sought us out to be part of theirs?  It’s pretty dumbfounding.

It’s hard to quantify a million.  Sure, it rolls off the tongue, is easy to say… but can you really wrap your head around a number that large?   Good thing we’ve got computers, because Facebook can.  And without social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, a million might still be a pie in the sky.

Thank you for trusting us with your feelings.  Your praise makes us sing (I regularly break into song, though… sometimes dance, too).  Your criticism makes us work harder.  And the fact that you’re there, well, it means the world.

And if you’re not part of the conversation, don’t be afraid.  If a million fans is any indication, there’s always room for more.