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Check-In for two people

New Arrival

Hi, I bought two tickets for my son and I.  We will be arriving at the airport at different times.  We are both checking baggage.  How should we handle the online check-in process, phone apps, etc.?


Thank you


Re: Check-In for two people

Top Contributor

If you are on the same confirmation number then only one of you needs to do the online check in as the system will check everyone in that’s on the same confirmation number. Both of you could try doing it and maybe one of you has a faster finger at the 24 hour mark but it’s not necessary. 

with arriving to the airport you just give your ID and your son can give his ID when he arrives and they will check the bags under each of you or if you use the kiosk then once you enter the confirmation number just select the appropriate name and you will be good to go. No need to arrive together.


if you are on different confirmation numbers make sure both of you are online at 24 hours before your flight to check in but with check in at the airport again you can check in at different times and it’s not a big deal just enter your confirmation number check your bag and head through security and you can meet up once all have arrived at the gate.