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Hamster on Board

Explorer C

Does anyone know if i can board a hamster onto the airplane? 


My girlfriend and I always use Southwest when we travel, We are planning to move to Las Vegas in January. She has a small hamster that she would like to bring. Is it possible for us to bring a hamster on board in a small carry on cage?


Re: Hamster on Board

Aviator B

What types of pets are allowed?

Southwest Airlines will only accept small cats and dogs in carriers that can be stowed under the Customer's seat.

Re: Hamster on Board

Retired Community Manager

Ah, while we do love all animals, @aznnammy13, we do not allow hamsters onboard our flights.


Great question though - thank you for bringing it to the Southwest Community! Hope to see more from you around here.



Re: Hamster on Board

Explorer C

why can't we have hamsters on board but cats and dogs are aloud that doesnt make any since cats and dogs are larger and need more shots

Re: Hamster on Board

Explorer C

Alas, this is my fault. I went to visit my boyfriend in Phoenix from San Diego in back in 2010. I had my beloved little hammy with me and she chewed out of her carrier and got lost on the plane. 

I later got a call she had been found, (thank god I put in a lost ‘bag’ claim for her) bc the ground crew knew what to do when they saw her ‘deplaning herself’ down the back conveyor after everyone had gotten off (and onto another plane without free range rodents aboard - that might chew worse). 🤷🏻‍♀️


Southwest returned her unscathed and matching on a honey mustard pretzel, although she did reek of jet fuel for a couple days. I was told we I cost them about $10k in finding a new plane to complete the trip to Dallas. Sorry Southwest!! Thanks for not putting me on your no fly list.