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Pet Travel

Explorer C

Is there an easier way to book pet travel?  I can easily book a flight but have to call in to add a pet reservation, with over an hour wait I find this cumbersome and excessive when it could be an easy on-line service, please help!!  I have been on hold for 45 min and I have a life that may interrupt my wait time creating another 1hr+ wait, seems antiquated in today's age of access.  Come on Southwest, I already pay $190 extra per round trip to take a dog that doesn't leave its carrier every time I fly, cant that money go to making booking easier?? HELP


Re: Pet Travel

Aviator A

You may want to try the chat function within the app -- I don't know if you can add a pet but I was able to make flight changes. Twitter may also be an option Twitter (@Southwestair). When I used the chat function there was a queue of two but I had almost no wait to chat versus a looooooong projected hold time.  It may be worth a try.

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