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As a newbie to SW, I was skeptical. The Monday AM flight down this week was a hoot. The flight crew was as hilarious as the stories I've heard. Made for a very enjoyable flight, despite the fog in SAC and taking a second try at landing {but the London based crew did a wonderful job 😉 }

The return to PDX was a struggle. Portland had received a few inches of snow the day before my return and the morning of, freezing rain. As you can imagine customers frustration levels were very high as all flights into PDX were being cancelled.

I want to give a huge compliment to the gate agent at B18 who handled herself and the situation with grace. As frustrations grew as everyone tried to figure how to get to their final destinations - not once did she raise her voice. She kept a quiet and peaceful demeanor. She went the extra step and took the extra time needed with each customer to help them. Watching that from the line helped me stay calm. When my turn finally came, she greeted me with a smile and asked how she could help. Since I live in Vancouver WA all I needed to do was get to SEA. From there I could board a train and get home.

With a little finesse {and her request for me to recite the 7 dwarfs in alphabetical order 😉 } she got me on the 12:55 flight to SEA where I was able to surprise my brother and his family with a quick visit. 

Thank you B18 gate agent!

Thank you SW for allowing your staff to have fun at their jobs. 


Re: SAC to PDX

Retired Community Manager

What a great story, @shelkarr!


Thank you for sharing. We have always believed that our People are our single greatest strength, and we never tire of hearing how a great Customer Service experience made someone's day. Hope to see more of you on our planes and around the Community!