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If you're on the stand-by list for a flight, how/when will you know if you'll get on the flight? 


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If you go to the check-in desk inside the terminal, the attendant can help you! It depends on the flight but if there are plenty of open seats they will just give you a ticket. If the flight is looking full they will wait to call your name after boarding has already started. If in doubt, go to the check-in desk.

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If you are already on the stand-by list, they will generally call your name to let you know you have made the flight and that you can go collect your boarding pass from the desk. If you aren't, use the site if you are an employee or talk to an agent if you aren't (that will facilitate the process).



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How can I check how many open seats are still available on a stand by flight?

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Hi @jgarcia3389,


The best thing is to check with the Customer Service Agent working the flight. Standbys are cleared (given a boarding pass) ten minutes before scheduled departure, so always make sure to be in the boarding area around that time to listen for your name being called.