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Inflight WiFi - Frustrating

New Arrival

I once again am having the worst experience with the inflight WiFi! Over the last year or two I have flown more than 20 flights on Southwest and have only successfully been able to use the WiFi maybe 5 times. I am frustrated with continuing to pay for a service in hopes of it working and not being able to get connected with my iPhone or my MAC book. I love Southwest and out of all the things they do right; the WiFi is the horrible! If I can’t work on a plane I am not able achieve my goal of work/life integration. 


Re: Inflight WiFi - Frustrating

Top Contributor



Your not alone there have been lots of complaints about the WiFi. It has given all of us trouble at one point or another. 


If you have a time where the WiFi isnt working after you purchase it you can always email customer relations by clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of this page and I'm sure they would be glad to help. You can also reach out to Southwest on Twitter or Facebook as well.


Hope it works better for you on future flights!