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LUV voucher

Explorer C

Our November 1st flight #483 from Austin to San Diego was delayed due to maintenance. The tow bar snapped as we were leaving the gate. The noise was unsettling to say the least. A return to the gate ensued causing a 2 hour delay.


My life was on board this flight. Wife, kids, parents.

The pilot and flight crew were very forthcoming in regards to the situation. Safety first was very evident and appreciated.


Yes, our flight was delayed, but the safety of my family, the safety of all souls on that plane came first. THANK YOU SOUTHWEST!

Furthermore, Southwest Airlines sent me vouchers for the "inconvenience" the delay caused.



Flight delays are expected, Complaints of such delays are outrageously expected. The crew did the "right thing" and apologized tor the inconvenience it caused in many, many ways.


Southwest has just gained a customer for life


Re: LUV voucher

Aviator A

glad that Southwest took care of you during the unfortunate maintenance return. Those are not fun glad to hear my AUS folks were honest and helpful when everything was going on. Being upfront and honest is the best way to keep customers