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Sam's the Man! SWA has the best employees!

New Arrival


Thank you Sam! I know i'm in good hands with my SWA fam. I asked our flight attendant Sam if I could have 4  bags of peanuts as I hadn't had a chance to eat lunch. Long meeting followed by uber to the airport that was interrupted by a car accident getting me to the boarding line as the flight was boarding. I was still shaking from the accident and starving!! Sam gave me four bags and went on to help everyone else. When he finished with the cabin he stopped by my seat and gave me all the rest of this!!! OMG i was so touched. It made my whole day. I love flying SWA.


Re: Sam's the Man! SWA has the best employees!

Retired Community Manager



What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing. Any chance you'd be interesting in submitting to our Stories page? We love hearing about Employees who put the #SouthwestHeart into action! Click here for the story submission form.