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Are mobile boarding passes available for multi-passenger reservations?

In the past, printing was a requirement for mobile boarding passes when there were more than one person on an itinerary. Today you can get all of those passes together digitally when you check-in. Hooray!


The process to retrieve and save these passes is simple, and it doesn’t deviate too far from the process you use as a solo Passenger. The multi-passenger feature allows you to pick and choose which passes you want to view, use, and scan.





What are the requirements to access this multi-passenger mobile boarding pass feature?





  • All phone types – iPhone, Android, iPad


  • Southwest Airlines mobile apps – iOS and Android
  • Southwest Airlines Mobile Website

Reservation Type

  • Air Booking - Multiple Passenger reservations between two and eight Passengers




How does it work, and what should I look out for to know I have access to this feature?



1. Make a Southwest Airlines air reservation for two to eight Passengers under the same reservation.

  • If you break up the travelers individually into their own reservations, you will use the solo Passenger check-in process.

2. Check in to your air reservation.


2_Homescreen Checkin.png3. On the next page after check-in, view all of your checked in Passengers.

Note: If you are logged in and have your Rapid Rewards number, you can also retrieve your boarding passes from your Trip Card, found on the homepage.


3_Checkin Confirmation and Tickets.png


3a_Homescreen Checkedin.png


4. Underneath each Passenger name will be a “Boarding Pass” button to view each pass individually.  


5. At the top of the page is a button that reads “View All Passes.”

  • This button takes you to another screen that allows you to select or deselect whichever passes you wish to view in order, without having to select them one-by-one as outlined in step 4.
  • Once you make your selection(s), press “Continue” to see all passes you selected on the “View All Passes” screen.
  • If there are only two Passengers in your reservation and you only have two boarding passes available to you (meaning there is not a connecting flight), the “View All Passes” button will show you both of the available boarding passes automatically, bypassing the selection screen.4_5_Checkin Confirmation.png


5a_5b_View All Passes.png


6. Once you have made your pass selection, either by step 4 or step 5, you may save these passes in your Apple Wallet or Google Play Wallet, depending on your phone type.

6_MBP Andy.png


6_MBP Mandy.png






Where do we line up to board when we use multi-passenger boarding passes?




  1. Even though you are using multi-passenger boarding passes you must line up in your designated boarding position. You must not deviate from your assigned position, even when/if you find yourself and the rest of your group not in the same position.
    • We have placed a reminder in the app in the case that you are not in-line with the rest of your reservation.
      • Please plan before boarding to ensure all members of your reservation have a boarding pass. You can either share passes digitally or print them out if you are not in line together with the person who is “in charge” of your boarding passes.
    • Note: If you qualify for any special boarding procedures such as Family Boarding or preboard, you may still participate. If you are unsure you may always speak with a Southwest Representative to receive more information.

7_Not In Line Together.png