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80 Flights, Not a Drink Coupon

New Arrival

I’ve flown about 80 flights in the last year, why don’t I get a drink coupon from time to time?  The only time I’ve ever gotten one is when I fly business select.


a list - check

companion pass - check

a list preferred - check 

whiskey - no check 


Re: 80 Flights, Not a Drink Coupon

Rising Star

In your Rapid Rewards Account, in your profile do you have the box checked "I want drink coupons"? 

Re: 80 Flights, Not a Drink Coupon

Top Contributor

Drink coupons (4) are normally sent after each set of 10 paid (not points) one-way flights.


Assuming you're opted-in in your Rapid Rewards account (see below for details), you should contact Customer Relations and have them review. Perhaps your mailing address is incorrect, or there is some other issue. Are you receiving other mailings from Southwest? Like the Kick Tail slips?


How to check if you are Opted-in:


Log In. Click on My Account. Under My Preferences, click on Travel. In the upper right corner of that box, click on Extras. If you're "opted-in" it will look like the pic below. Otherwise, edit to change.


Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 3.13.15 PM.png



Re: 80 Flights, Not a Drink Coupon

Top Contributor

Make sure you have the drink coupons option on in your account if you do I would message southwest on twitter or Facebook if you have those and ask them for help as it will be much faster than calling customer relations if you don't have Twitter or Facebook you can email or call customer relations and they would be able to look in to this for you if the option is turned off be sure to turn it on and maybe try to reach out anyways and they might be able to send you some anyways for being a great customer. 


hope you get those coupons as the price of drinks just went up recently