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Applying Travel Funds

Explorer C

Very disappointing experience using my travel funds.  I had a recent flight with my girlfriend that I rebooked a couple of times because I was able to find cheaper flights.  Turns out that all that money is not just pooled into one travel fund, but rather each time you rebook it is considered seperate.  Fast forward to booking my next flight where I tried to use those travel funds.  Well you can only use 3 forms of payment.  Credit card was one and then 1 of those rebooks for each me and my girlfriend are both considered seperate forms of payment.  So, I can only use about a quarter of my travel funds and the rest are going to expire because we do not have another trip coming up before they do.  VERY disappointed that when I rebook a couple of times, especially because I did it on the phone no one explained to me that I would not actually be able to use it all on the same flight.