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Booking with Rapid Rewards points

New Arrival

Can I book a flight using unearned Rapid Rewards points? For example, I have points that are in limbo of being transferred over from my SW credit card but need to book a flight asap. Or could I book with my card and then have the card refunded and it transferred to points?


Re: Booking with Rapid Rewards points

Rising Star



You can only book a flight with the current points that are in your Rapid Rewards right now.  If you book a flight and want a refund to go back on your credit card when you cancel you need to purchase a Anytime ticket or a Business select ticket.  When you purchase a Wana Getaway ticket you only have 24hr after you purchase it to have the funds refunded to you credit card when you cancel  after 24hr you will have a credit to use one year from time of purchase. 


Good luck!