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Maximizing Rapid Rewards Utilization - Lesson One

New Arrival

I am an original Rapid Rewards Account holder.  Like, old man.  But I might be able to share something you might find valuable.  Scanning through the existing topics, I didnt see anywhere that provided tips on Maximizing the benefits of the best frequent flyer program in the sky.  So I thought I would do a series of posts on the basics, and on the finer points.


The first two points are the most important;


1)  When Southwest has a sale, purchasing tickets with points ALSO goes on sale.  Southwest is the ONLY airline I know of that does this.  This, a ticket that might have cost you 16000 points normally may only cost you 9000 points during a sale.  So, book ALL your flights during the big 3 day sale periods and you will make your hard earned points last MUCH longer.


2)  A companion pass works WITH the above mentioned technique.  So, you combine a free ($6) ticket with the ticket you bought with points ON SALE and you have a combination that you simply cant beat.


These two features, working together, make the Southwest Rapide Rewards program the best 8n the air.  But there's more!  Read my next post to learn more.








Re: Maximizing Rapid Rewards Utilization - Lesson One

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@Kauaikidd , good info.  I like that sign off too!