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Referrals don’t get current signup bonus?

Explorer C

I was planning on referring a friend to get a SWA credit card to get a referral bonus, but it looks like if they use my referral link, they only get a 40k signup bonus vs. the current 100k signup bonus offer for new customers. Is this true? I’d feel bad to refer a friend into a bad deal.


Re: Referrals don’t get current signup bonus?

Aviator A

Unfortunately, yes -- the referral offer is it's own thing, and is usually less valuable than other available offers.


FYI: With multiple offers available, be sure you start a new browser session that shows the offer you want when you apply, to make sure you get the specific offer desired.

Re: Referrals don’t get current signup bonus?

Adventurer B

This is such an interesting detail! I am so glad that this was clarified.  I have tried to talk several friends into a SWA cc because these end of the year offers have been too good to pass up. Only on one occasion did I actually send the referral link.  That friend decided against it  because she didn't fly frequently enough for the opportunity cost against her other cc to be a benefit. 

But, I am so thankful now. I had no idea that the link that I sent her would lead her to a lesser offer than I was talking up.  I did convince my brother and one of my sons, though. But never sent them a link because, honestly, in sending the link to my friend it felt so self serving and insincere.   I have really appreciated the benefit of CP that was first afforded to me through the cc point bonus and I try to convey the benefit of CP or even the value of 80k or 100k point bonus emphatically to others and that all loses a little of it's glitter when you ask them to work out a little kick back for you if they do go through with the cc application. Again, that is all made worse if my referral for them makes them ineligible for the phenomenal offers that are popping up out there at the end of the year. Yikes.