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Cancelled Flight

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We just had flight 5803 cancelled on is.  Your logistical challenges are negatively impacting peoples lives.  You have flights booked and don't have people to serve them.  You have overbooked all your other flights so when you cancel someone's flight they have no real options at all.  People rely on you to get to places for important events like birthdays.  You made a family of 4 cry.  She was very nice but I will be honest: not once did she say she was sorry, not once did she look at two really sad kids and say I am sorry girls, I am trying.  Then as we are finished and booked on a flight the next day, my wife politely asks what do you do for us given the massive inconvenience you have cost us, time, money, etc.  She says oh sorry, I think it was weather so nothing and then turns around and yells loudly to someone, CAN I GO ON BREAK NOW (there were about 80 people behind us that were also still waiting).   Weather in Denver is sunny, nothing on radar and the other flights to Denver (before and after) were both on time.  


Look I get it, this is hard stuff right now and everyone is doing their best to get back to a normal life but if you are going to celebrate another 50 years you better fix a few things:  First of all logistics, don't make promises (flights) that you can't deliver on as you ruin peoples lives.  Everyone can read about how you had to offer extra money to people to work.  Second, try saying you are sorry for the inconvenience.  Finally third, when you ruin someone's vacation and make a family of 4 people cry do something to make it right.  This is basic stuff.  


Re: Cancelled Flight

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We are in this same boat. Stranded in Phoenix and there are 8 of us. Small children. I'm so upset. I'm on hold with customer relations after being told there is nothing they can do. Will let you know if anything comes of it. I'm so sorry you are going through this also 

Re: Cancelled Flight

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Sorry your flight was cancelled. Once travel is complete I would Contact Customer Relations so they can review your flight and see if any compensation could be provided. 


With weather keep in mind it can be weather at a starting point or an ending point during the day and flight numbers change throughout the day. Also sure every city for your flight might be clear with weather that may not be the case with your flight crew. If they get stuck in a city because of weather your plane can't go.