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Promo code not working?

Explorer C


I see on Southwest’s homepage a big promo, expiring today, for up to 50% off flights (savenow). I read all the terms and conditions. However, using the code makes zero difference in the price. I’ve tried with a few cities (following all the terms, as I can see), and the prices both in dollars and points is the same with or without the code (even when it says the code was applied). I don’t get it. Any ideas and help? See screenshots.




Re: Promo code not working?

Frequent Flyer A



Looking at your screenshots, it appears your local SAVENOW promo is in fact being applied on the "Select Flights" page, even if you didn't see the green "Score!" banner appear. Southwest is also usually very good at "keeping" promo codes locked in if you click away from the promo pages or book the flight via the standard search.


Your local promo appears to apply to either WGA or WGA+ fares with the discounted fare for qualifying flights appearing in bold-green with the regular fare showing and stricken directly above it regardless of whether the green "Score!" banner appears.


E.g. Per your screenshot, the 6:40am flight from COS to CMH via DEN posts a regular WGA price of $169; the applied SAVENOW promo discount fare is $112, a 33% savings.


Hope this helps.