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Re: Stealing my hard earned money!

Explorer C

Yes! I have to cancel several times because of the pandemic. You steal 750 dollars from me and my family.  Yes SWA stole my money! What other name can I give. Stealing! Stealing hard worked earned money! YES! 

Re: Stealing my hard earned money!

Frequent Flyer A


sorry that this happened to you, and it has happened to most of us frequent flyers one time or another.  It is hard to read and absorb all the rules, so when it happened to me, I learned from it and have been lucky enough not to have it happen again.   Caveat — basically true - I have seen a few travel funds expire since the pandemic started but decided I just had to let them go because of the rules in place when I purchased.  The pandemic has been more of a challenge for the airline than for me personally.


Like many commenters on this thread, I have found the other airlines also have similar rules, so I choose to stay with Southwest Airlines when I can reach my destination with them because, in general, I find the flight experience with them to be more pleasant.  Even though every airline or any public service business is going to have some issues at some point, I find those types of problems are fewer with Southwest, and that their employees are most often kind-hearted.


Safe and enjoyable travels to you, wherever you go and whomever you choose.