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Anxious Flyer

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Hi there- 


I am a very anxious flyer. Although I have flown my whole life, I developed a fear of flying about a year ago. At one point I thought I would never fly again. I am flying with SW on 11/12 from MCI to SAT and although I am very nervous for the work trip, I know that the SW crew will make the trip as plesent as possbile. 


The last few times I have flown SW, the flight attendents have taken the time to introduce me to the pilots who have then shown me the predicted bumps/weather etc for the trip. They have also done a great job of checking in with me for the duration of the flight. I am so appreciate of this and I am dying to conquer my fear of flying so I will continue to books flights with SW even though I am typically terrified. 


Just wanted to share in the hopes of this information helping someone else!


Wish me luck!!


Re: Anxious Flyer

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I hope that all goes well for you.  I sit in airplane seats probably 100 times per year, and although I cannot promise there won’t be a problem, especially with weather issues, I can say that I personally have gotten home every time — sometimes with delays, but that is part of the business.  The odds are in your favor, the crew is trained for your safety and I hope you have a great, relaxing flight.  Bring something that will distract you from thinking about the flying, and I truly hope all goes without a hitch — like so many flights every day.