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Re: No more non-stop flights???

Explorer C

I've noticed that our non stop flights down that way appear seasonal.  I couldn't find one to TPA in Nov, but then for April I could. Are they all gone, or just during your specific travel window.  Last I looked for that combination I found at least one or two,  I thought.  I definitely appreciate the non-stop with kid who doesn't wait in airports well, so I feel for you. 

Re: No more non-stop flights???

Explorer C

In general there are definitely less and less non stop flights to pick from no matter the route.  In the last 6 months I have flown 6 different routes for both business and pleasure and my choices for non stop flights to these major markets (Chicago to Phoenix, Atlanta, Oakland, Minneapolis, etc.) are limited to literally 2 choices sometimes 3, while the flights wtih one stop are 6 or 8 choices.  Scheduling has definitely changed in a big way.  

Re: No more non-stop flights???

Aviator A



One reason I think you may be seeing less non stops to where you want to go is because with Chicago being a HUB of Southwest they want to offer non stops to as many different destinations as possible and to do so they would have to cut back on other non stops as there are only so many planes. 


The best thing to do is send Southwest a message on Twitter and tell them which routes you would like more non stops on or what time frame you think would be a good for a flight from X-Y so they can pass it on to the right team. 


Hope the future schedules work out better for you!