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Please re-enstate direct service from HOU to CLT!

Explorer C

Please re-instate direct service from HOU to CLT!  You dropped it sometime around the pandemic.

We fly this route several times a year. My wife has ear problems that make landings painful for her,  so we must minimize stops.


The lack of a direct HOU to CLT route in the Southwest system forces us to fly a competitor and to drive twice as far to IAH!


This route always seemed busy; we used it for decades. Please consider reinstating it!


Re: Please re-enstate direct service from HOU to CLT!

Frequent Flyer C

I just flew Southwest CLT to HOU during Christmas time. The flights are there, they just may be on weekends and peak season only. I just checked the flight schedules and it appears to be weekend and peak season service only right now.


Feel free to make your request for more frequent flights by using the Contact Us link below as this is a customer to customer forum.

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