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Redeeming Points for International Travel

New Arrival

I want to use my points to purchase an international ticket for my 13-year old daughter.  I will pay for a ticket on the same lights via another site (FlyCheap).


It won't let me purchase thru my Rapid Rewards b/c my daughter  is under 18 (although I will be traveling with her on another booking).


Anyway to use my points for her ticket?


Re: Redeeming Points for International Travel

Top Contributor

Southwest doesn't sell tickets through 3rd party websites like FlyCheap. If you're referring to using More Rewards to purchase an International flight using Rapid Rewards points, you'll need to contact More Rewards at 1-800-833-4861 in order to make the booking for your daughter.


Be aware that the redemption values using RR points for international travel via More Rewards are very poor.