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Applying to SW as an FO

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I am currently a FO at a regional and have at least the Minimum Requirements to apply to the FO position to Southwest in the future.  I know I am not very competitive with just SIC time, but is it beneficial to apply every application period to show determination/consistency in applying (also longer length of time applying)?  Or does Southwest look at each application round as a new slate (doesn't matter if you have been applying for 5 years vs 1 month)?


Would love to work for Southwest one day and would love to increase my chances of being hired one day in the future.  But I know there isn't a cookie cutter example on getting there.  


Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.  


Re: Applying to SW as an FO


It's great to hear you're interested in joining our Team! If you meet the requirements for the position, we certainly suggest you submit an application. We review our applicants holistically, and multiple applications are not viewed as negatives. I encourage anyone interested in the Pilot - First Officer position to apply during our open application windows, as well as create and update their Pilot Credentials profile. Best of luck!

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