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Being Selected

Explorer C

I have been putting in application for the ramp agents position at MDW for the last three years, after I was let go due to my attendance. Each time I have put in an application, i have gotten and over the phone interview, but was told after careful consideration of all information you provided, that I was not selected.  My question is am I not being selected because of being let go for my attendance, or is it because something else. Right know im just looking for a second chance with the company, and I feel like there is a red flag by my name, stating we can do the phone interview with you but that is as far as you will go.


Re: Being Selected

Aviator A
Hi James,

This is primarily a customer to customer forum so I don't know that you'll see an informed response from one of us. Also from my experience working for other companies I don't think you will see a public response here about your situation.

If I was in your situation I would ask during the interview process. If it is a potential issue then it will give you a chance to discuss or to address any corrective action you've taken. If you are going to get a straight answer I would guess that is when you will get it.

Good luck!

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