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CSA Hiring Process

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Hey Y'all! 

How's everyone doing?

 I Applied for a CSA position in Nashville in Early February. I got a call back and then had my F2F on 2/21. I did my fingerprints and background check right away. Today I finallt got notice the my check was complete and moving on towards the rest of the hiring process. 

Anyone know the next steps? Howm much longer until I get a training date? How is training for CSA Postion. Thanks in advance. 


Re: CSA Hiring Process

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Hi @MBrown06,


Congratulations on landing a position as a CSA!! Unfortunately I don’t have any answers for you. I just wanted to pass on an electronic “high five”.


Best of luck as you join the Southwest Family!



Re: CSA Hiring Process

New Arrival

Good luck and congratulations 🌺🌈

Re: CSA Hiring Process


Hi @MBrown06,


Congratulations! This information can vary. We recommend reaching out to your Recruiter and//or Coordinator as they will have the best information regarding next steps. Welcome to the Southwest Family!


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Re: CSA Hiring Process

New Arrival

Hi All! Thank you so much! I got a call this morning with my start date! So Excited to join thw SWA Family!