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Destination 225 Adapt assessment code

Explorer C

Hello everyone,

About a week ago I completed my destination 225 application, and about 5 days ago, I filled out a survey that was sent to me asking information such as name, email, start date, and location of training. However I was meant to receive a code for the ADAPT assessment upon the completion of the survey. Since last week I have yet to receive that code and therefore I cannot progress my application towards my Destination 225 journey. 

I’ve read that they send codes 120 days prior to start date for training, I put down my earliest start date as February 5th 2024, I Should I have received the code by now, if anyone could help that would be great, Thank you.

Any help with the issue stated would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Re: Destination 225 Adapt assessment code

Explorer C

I'm sorry that I'm unable to answer your question but would there be a way that we could exchange contacts or be able to tell me the timeline about the application process? (also if they 're sending you things through email make sure to check your trash sometimes it might appear their)

Re: Destination 225 Adapt assessment code

Explorer C

Hello! I am going through the exact same scenario right now. Did they send you the test code? If they did could you tell me what you did to receive it?