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Destination 225

Explorer C

hello I am about to graduate high school and I was wondering if FASFA would help with the program and if I am able to apply for the most recent scholarship opportunity through southwest and use it towards the program tuition? Thanks


Re: Destination 225

Explorer C

Okay so I went to an information session for destination 225  on October 3, 2023 so far the only information session that I've seen and I asked the same question thinking that it would be a hard no and yes it is a hard no but if I remember correctly one of the announcers did say something about being able to use it if your applying trough the university route if the university accepts it (I'm not 100% sure but I think that's what he practically said)

Ps: I'm also a Highschool senior looking to apply and wouldn't mind exchanging some kind of contact if that would help both of us exchange information and possible help each other